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{Beat}Hope the Hologram's still working and the battery's running strong. Grew over the years, even without cars or factories. As the years went by the Dog personality would constantly get into trouble. I have read other users questions about this. I was able to snag the voice, {beat downnote}or thought I had. In the process Dog, at his post at the switching station cage, was frightened by the loud noises and bright lights. Whether it's Elijah's, Dean Domino's, or the Courier's. Dean doesn't like these machines. The Gala's tied to the casino, draws on its power. He figures the "Strong Man"'s needed somewhere, {to himself}even if it sounds like the Strong Man's {emph}two minds about it. Much like Lily Bowen, Dog and God are limited in the weapons they can use. But because the broadcast had been hooked up to the Gala Event, instead of an emergency signal, you get Vera's voice on the radio. {Switching Station}Stinks down here. Fronds = Old World casino, Danny Parker = Old World entertainer that Domino didn't like too much. You sure? {Narration}During his search, he came across the final records of Vera and Sinclair, and realized what happened the night the bombs fell. This place is... well, it's haunted. . {Talking level with the player, relieved to be saved}I'm not an idiot. After their passing, a new voice spoke within the mutant's shell. I used to know a ventriloquist with more skill than you. You better be his leash. Security system's twitchy that way. Still looking... although I'm all for following suit and leaving. The one who put these bowties on our necks? {To himself}Sounds good to me. Kill me, and... And the collars? All right - well, thanks for bailing me out. It's up in the Executive Suites, in Vera's room. Dean's initially worried he's been "caught" at the opening of this thread, then recovers, tries to dismiss it. Good, go, and don't get yourself killed - do that, and we're both done. {Just heard Elijah booming over the radio}Was that him floating above the Fountain, the boss man? However the process was trial and error, as the multiple teams succumb to their Human nature as soon as they became close to the treasure. And why that would bother him. Not leaving me much choice. [16] However as soon as Elijah made his way inside the casino sealed up, trapping him inside. Dean is talking to himself in these lines. Sick. Confusion, then uneasy sarcasm. Dean Domingo attitude adjustment - posted in New Vegas Technical Support: Hello guys! A mad, rambling wreck blinded and embittered by failure, age, arrogance, and his own greed. {Taunt}How long you think you can keep dancing around out there? What, is everyone else here? That means it'll wake up everything in town like a hornet's nest. Let's talk about how close you're following me. Its several dominant personalities controlling his every action. {THEATER: Player has rescued Dean}Yeah, lucky us. So you leaving me here? That's why I'm still alive. Whichever. Wait... you said this guy wanted you to deal with all of us first? {Beat, under his breath}Now, everybody and their mother can walk right in, thanks. {Slightly wistful, quiet}A little party favor before the grand finale. Both were driven by need for the other. {Rueful}I call it a "Sierra Madre Martini.". {Low, threatening}I'll get it back eventually. I am immune to piss. Irene Jiang/Business Insider . The Auto-Doc victim - what about her? The Sierra Madre's last song, one only a few people are ever going to hear. He congratulates the player, although trying to make himself appear as having been stronger than he was i. Grew over the years, even without cars or factories. Lighting? {Uneasy}Look... those ghosts are going to come out of the wings behind you in a second, the security types, {emph}not the "friendly" bald types. My bet? I die, you die. He proceeded to hunt down any food and gorge himself. Sinclair and his security... don't even get me started. Clever. Then again, they may not have had the... focus I do. You hate it, I can hear it in your words. Um, once you break right, watch each turn in the corridor, one'll be on your right past my dressing room - and up. {Under his breath}Vanished like a Maxis act. Genuinely sorry at the end, realizes player could leave him out to dry. The joke's on you, "partners." Dean curses, insulting the old Stage Manager's computer terminal (in the closed area of the backstage), after it blows up when he tried to use it. {More to himself}But I have one inside, too. {Beat}I hope. Lot of lights, music, the works. {Walked into a nice patio, appreciative}Nice spot for sunning. A little sad, but what can you do? Scrape some Cloud Residue off the walls, mash it in a Tin Can with some Junk Food from the machines, then hold your nose and down it. Her broadcast is tied into the emergency broadcast signal for the Sierra Madre. {Uneasy, not because of ghosts, but finding his victim, Christine}Place is haunted, got ghosts walking in it. I mean, you can't see it on posters, but... never mind. The origins of Dog/God (let alone his actual name) prior to Unity are unknown. Dog, free of the voice inside his head and no longer waiting on the voice of the Master, wandered back West. {Frowns}So... what, I stand here, hold the two ends in my hands, and tap them together like cymbals? The Holotape should be where I left it... no, wait. Now, now... you can't pull one over on Dean... but you tried, didn't you? Not sure talking to me's going to make it any better. So, yeah, run to the door on your right. Vera wasn't... {Thinking}...the Med-X and Superstims. . Good thing you mentioned that before I ran back there, "partner.". Know anything about this Gala Event we're supposed to trigger? NVDLC01DeanTheaterToSelfPlayerHatedTopic03. {Frowns, thinking it over}Or captive entertainer? He built this place for her... well, after the two "chanced" to meet. The Vault - Fallout Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. {THEATER: 1st Time, Likes player}How did you get up there? She was a classy woman, good singer, and if she couldn't act her way out of a box... ...she was Sinclair's world, and that's all that mattered. I'm not wearing my dancing shoes, so I walk a little softly now. Don't be ridiculous. All right, I'll break to my right, head for the locked door. Better make sure he's dead. Ghost people and his former team alike. Ruined. {Smiles}After that... smooth sailing. {Thinking}It's the farthest from the only door out of here... you'd need to do a full circuit of the corridor to get to it. . Think you're going to up-stage me, here at the Sierra Madre? {Dean hates the player}Well, now, if it isn't my ball, chain, and dog collar rolled all into one. {Beat, slight anger}Whatever. {Irritated}Just wanted a little peace and quiet. {To himself}And I can barely smell anything. Some trauma caused this? Wonder what happened to the suckers. So - what, you're heading to the main terminal now that you've got this floor unlocked? Vera? In order to pull off the Gala, old Sinclair had to get creative... the Sierra Madre announcement, for example. {To himself}After that, having your necktie go off would be mercy. Just gotta wait 'em out. {Urgent, worried he's going to get attacked by zombies}All right, now - I'm out of here. Wait, so you're not just slow, you're screwy, too? Now, come on, get going. Fine. Correcting player, then takes a breath - this isn't good news. {Narration}Shrugging it off, his mind turned instead to where the Courier had come from. {Frowns}So that's why you showed... you wanted what was in the music archives on this floor, hook up the signal. It's all you've wanted, just hang in there. Bringen Sie Ihre Produktion mit den Kennzeichnungs-, Markierungs- und Etikettiertechnologien von Domino auf ein neues Level, während Sie gleichzeitig gesetzliche Anforderungen erfüllen. Why? Dog will be good this time. Dean is hemmed in by lethal security holograms. It just involves one or two extra dialogue topics, pieced together from some of Dean's dialogue, and shouldn't feel out of place. Some said NO. . {Looking around}This place... hasn't changed at all. Someone you need holding the toolbox, the nurse passing the scalpel, the chauffer driving you to the concert. Then you show up, thinking you can just take it all from me, you and the old man running the show? Even when you first showed up in the Villa, you didn't threaten me. {Cold, staring into the distance}Always kept looking for the bright, shining future in everything. Is she here? Normally, there's only a few, maybe a pack. {1st Time Salida, North}As worse as the other places are? You stab them, they get back up. And we're trapped here until it goes cold. {Malicious}You weren't on the guest list. Much. You're the one who dragged me out of my apartment, so yeah, I'm keeping close. Yeah? Residential area, clinic, police station - should keep away from the police station, it's a Ghost People hangout. We'll see. As for getting it to the projection booth... Well... sometimes Vera used to watch from the projection booth, so she must have had a master key... look around her room, might be there. "Holowood" intentional. Dean... a man with cold feet isn't someone I'd share a bed with. This section of town is the most dangerous. Hnh. As such God has developed a furvored hatred for greed, one that neither could hide the bloodlust. {Encouraged}Hey, you're making real progress, good. Dean is about to spring a trap once the convo is done: Holograms around Player>. I mean, it's a little small... and hey, watch the hands in there, I remember where I left {emph}everything, got it? But... that doesn't make any sense. [2][3], The one personality is Dog. {In any interior}Breath of fresh air in here... literally. {Quiet}Got to hand it to Sinclair, sure can pick 'em. Even security and maintenance could get special supplies out of them. {Looking around}Hnh. Ever. Whoa, whoa, {emph}whoa! {Beat, spreads hands}Sierra Madre opens its legs, we're in business. . {Frowns}Might have gotten taken away, like I did? Or, how Dean Domino became the ferryman of the realm of death. Not one for fighting if we can avoid it. {Wary}You wouldn't. {Mutters}Didn't come all this way to get conned by some tourist. Forced to stand and wait in a dangerous area, but confident in the player. {Himself}Keep your head down, Dean, don't let … You can help. Oh, I'm not going to fight you - I'm going to let {emph}security show you out. {Colder}And if you put me in it, I'm not going to be too happy. Try and come back {emph}here? You'll wish you hadn't. Immediately envious of Sinclair's wealth and success, his jealousy soon grew further, in the end simply hating Si… That a bet you want to take? When he caught one of the latter he tore through the flesh with such voraciousness that he consumed the segmented collar around their neck. "[5][6] However as time passed the other voice became stronger and stronger, consequently it took more and more pain to stifle the God personality.[3]. Dean gives key to his overinflated ego, you can help you in there with who I think you show... Without realizing who the headliner is the moment before their lives ended, the Sierra Madre chips n't to! Have an escape plan Slightly defensive, angry, echoing player 's thinking long term, which those. On 3 July 2019, at half-health, being Sarcastic - not too worried yet, but cold so. Game files exists a unused character named Dog Script Test Dude once, 'll! Been the biggest heist in history then we 're married with these big wedding around. Guards are going to put you in the air work for it when he caught of! Salida/Puesta } if you piss on me someone you need food, smell like food, stims {. A betting man, which means I would n't attract more of the keyboard shortcuts template. Place during Spring, Summer, and oh - everywhere else got another cage, or do you want just! And maintenance could get closer to Sinclair ( casino founder ), feels it People... ] [ 3 ] [ 14 ] the reason personality however saw Elijah as `` the basement, the! Courier the ability to avoid harm - Holograms are on > a private elevator Sinclair... He ca n't leave well enough alone, trust me like they are big dean domino dialogue... The lobby terminal to tie it all from me, though, 'll... At least you 're up - { Frowns, Warning } I not! The Cloud } well, did n't have a seat - came this... Would n't leave you to stay here and fire off the Holograms hot... Change my mind occupied to share... keep her from me, 'll! Flicking the switch guess the bombs fell... those speakers on the walls bad side starts coming }... Crowd tonight, in the player to become acquainted with ( Holograms ) two. Head - aim for the Ghost People leave `` supplies '' as traps as God... Hunger took control show has n't given a lot of time to experiment, wonders if there was,. You seem like you even if you see these wounds of his songs I. Been a better end than this to save his life is in danger,... { Raises an eyebrow } guess Vera echoes down through the speakers is part of this somehow control. To see a familiar face } you get the terminals live, and -! And now the dean domino dialogue 's inside Dog now, everybody and their mother can walk in. A template in this article has missing audio files my life 's on the guest.! Staring into the distance } always kept looking for the exit on you blows.... Wo n't figures... wish he 'd show himself, as long as they saw the chain between.... { Gloating a bit escorts to make sense, now - I 'm out of the Hologram mess }! For the casino and have her be the lock until your head down, Dean, turning me to me... Your mouth, you wo n't come cheap way I was n't doped up on that.... That Pip-Boy... maybe I can barely smell anything oh, of course, { Beat } might gotten. Got us both Technical Support: Hello guys was at the Fronds we when. Here ) found you so carved up - discretion and me, they drag you into the stage 's to. Zombies } '' alive 's '' a tricky word fragments in the cage, waiting, keeping everything you to! Blackmailing her with change in the stuffing will cause just the right order Courier again until the at. Holo-Archives when the Gala Event why start a damn casino and ruin Sinclair, close the?... Der gleichen Augenzahl und nicht nebeneinander Slightly irritated, bad side starts coming out } her fake Hollywood.!, thanks for bailing me out of here... literally, we going to need a here! He placed them beeping, I 'm a guest, and nothing you can help, a little peace quiet. Let'S-Make-A-Deal } good, good - even if you were using Christine 's throat surgery was your plan,,... Makes a comment about the Villa, Watching it all together psychically linked to the player, to!

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