how much does it cost to run a hot tub

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Can I run my Jacuzzi on a budget? Editorial Policy. How to Use Aromatherapy in Your Hot Tub to Create an at-Home Day Spa. If we have solar energy can we save the energy and run the hot tub off the solar in the evening? Keep in mind that running a hot tub with old or overloaded filters will require pumps and heaters to work harder, using more energy and increasing costs. Take the next step to owning a Hot Spring spa by exploring more. Once you’ve selected the type of hot tub you want, you should factor in all possible operating costs. A hot tub cover will cost between $50 and $500 on Amazon, depending on the thickness, size, and material. How much does it cost to run is your next question. Particularly when the jets are on, hot tubs lose heat rapidly — up to 1°F per minute — so quite a bit of power is required to maintain a steady temperature during use, especially when the ambient temperature is cool. Inflatable hot tub running costs depend upon a number of factors. This extra thermal barrier prevents heat from escaping into the ground. In general, you can expect the size of the hot tub and the temperature at which the water is set to impact electricity costs the most. The actual energy cost to run a hot tub will also depend on your energy cost per kilowatt-hour (kWh), your local climate and your maintenance and use habits. Prices to install your hot tub can range between $85- $800+ depending on what you want. This puts significant stress on the heater as it strains to keep up, spiking the cost of running your hot tub. Budget at least a few hundred dollars if you don’t plan to install an above-ground hot tub yourself. Short Answer: The cost to purchase and maintain a hot tub depends on the type of hot tub you buy, how large it is, and how often you use it. So, how much does a hot tub cost to run? That’s why we design our hot tubs to be the absolute best hot tub ownership experience. Aside from one-time purchases like a cover and skimming net, maintenance costs will run you between $150 to $600 per year, and electricity can cost anywhere from $180 to over $1,000 per year, depending on weather and usage. Human beings lose most of our heat through our heads—that’s why we wear hats in the winter. In a similar vein, if hot tubs aren’t securely covered when not in use, they lose a lot of heat. The price of a Hot Tub & Spa Specialist can vary depending on your area. Does turning down hot tub save money? The maintenance of a hot tub can be another reason why people expect having a hot tub to be a costly affair, as hot tubs need to be cleaned and repaired when things go wrong. To prevent this heat loss, base pans are included in all high-quality spas. Before you install your hot tub, you may want to consider the following: – New patio slab. Had we known that it would cost £60 per month we would never have purchased it. Most portable hot tubs can be plugged into a standard wall outlet. Portable hot tubs or two-person models (usually shallower and narrower than standard versions) start around $1,500-$2,500, but a typical 5- to 7-person model with jets and built-in seats runs about $3,000-$7,000, and luxury hot tubs can be as much as $8,000-$15,000. Most hot tubs use either a 120-volt heater or a 240-volt heater; a 120-volt heater uses between 1,500 watts and 3,000 watts (one-and-a-half to three kilowatt-hours), and a 240-volt heater uses between 6,000 watts and 7,500 watts (six to seven kilowatt-hours). Maintenance expenses for things like cleaning solution and filters can run you between $150 and $600 per year. This is especially true if there is a large difference between the outside temperature and the hot tub temperature. 2. Water treatment chemicals and sanitizers are necessary in order to keep a hot tub free of contamination and bacteria., Disclosure: FQF is reader-supported. The electricity costs to run a hot tub range from around $15 to $100 per month depending on usage, tub size, and season. Also, the cost to run a hot tub in winter months will be higher or if you live in a colder climate. This type of hot tub requires year-round maintenance. Please see your local dealer to verify. The market leader estimate it costs between £7-£10 per week to run the hot tubs in their range. Most professional hot tub cleaning services are available for a few hundred dollars depending on the size, age, and current state of your hot tub. A sturdy foundation While the total price of running a hot tub depends on a variety of factors, the best hot tubs may cost as little as $10 to $20 per month to operate. This is an estimate only though as it depends on your electricity supplier costs and tariff, size of your inflatable spa and so on. Hope this helps in your planning. A hot tub’s pump also uses energy, but significantly less than the heater. Great Northern Hot Tubs makes a good point when evaluating electric vs gas in regards to cost: “If you can recover the cost of the heater and installation in 5-7 years and install the heater indoors, get the gas heater. In order to keep all that heat inside your spa, high-quality hot tubs come with dense, energy-efficient full-foam insulation. Hot Spring Spas believes in quality. On the Lay-Z-spa site they say ‘We estimate it can cost around *£7 – £10 a week to run based on feedback we have had from our customers’. The initial purchase of a hot tub can cost as little as $300 for a basic inflatable model to over $10,000 for a large, permanent tub. An average-sized hot tub will require three filters, which cost approximately $45 each and need to be replaced one to three times a year depending on usage. The extra care and attention paid to design and engineering that goes into the construction of a high-quality hot tub will pay dividends on your electric bill for the life of your spa. Some cleaning products will be required to clean the hot tub surfaces and if needed to de-scale and condition the plumbing. Would you be surprised to learn that the best engineered, most highly insulated hot tubs can cost around $25 to $40 per month to run? Energy-efficient hot tubs can cost more upfront but will help you save on energy costs. Ours is set to standard mode and 98° year-round and probably costs under $1.00/day. The end result? The hot tub cover, when in place, maintains the temperature of the water to a certain extent, depending on the cover quality and construction. Image credit: Claire Lloyd Davies. Luxury hot tub: $11,000 to $16,000. Close the spa’s jets when it’s not in use to prevent cool air from entering the system. This barrier between hot water and cold air does a fantastic job of preventing heat loss. The cost to install your hot tub varies depending on your hot tub’s size, location and complexity. How much will a hot tub cost to run? Hot tubs with base pans are far more effective at preserving heat than those without them, and thus are less expensive to run in the winter. ©2013 - 2020 More Holdings LLC | All Rights Reserved.

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