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It is called Tanner’s Cassia | Tanner’s Senna | Avaram Senna in English, the flowers are called Tangedu Puvvu in Telugu and the plant is called Tangedu in Telugu, Tarwar in Hindi, Tangedi in Kannada, Charmaranga in Sanskrit, Avaram in Malayalam and Tarwad in Marathi. This plant is also used in beauty products for its amazing benefits. Luckily, cassia oil is an anti-diarrhea agent; it’s able to bind bowels and stop diarrhea episodes. The flowers are pollinated by Bees. The seeds are used to cure eye diseases, gonorrhea, and gout. The Senna auriculata has a long tradition of use in local medicine, with the leaves, flowers, seeds, roots, and bark all being used. Latha M, Pari L. Preventive effects of Cassia auriculata L. flowers on brain lipid peroxidation in rats treated with streptozotocin. The fruit of the plant is a legume. The phytochemical variation and antimicrobial activity has been assessed among the Cassia auriculata leaves, flowers, and seeds. It is also beneficial for women suffering from the polycystic ovarian syndrome. Cathy Wong . The antioxidants keep the skin and body healthy and act like a natural blood purifier. In winter, reduce watering. Her work is regularly featured in media such as First For Women, Woman's World, and Natural Health. It has 8-11 cm long pinnate leaves and they are 8-12 pairs of leaflets, each 2-3 cm long. Hyponidd is widely used by ayurvedic physicians in India for the management of diabetes mellitus. 1. Avarampoo powder can be added to hair wash powder recipes. The antimicrobial property is due to the presence of phenolic and flavonoids present in the plant. The dye deposit fills in the gaps, which is how it is able to strengthen the hair. Some people make hair oil with avaram seeds and bhringraj to treat premature greying of the hair. 05. The cassia plant, also known as wild senna, grows in several different varieties. Close. Take half tablespoon thrice a day with lukewarm water for one month continuously. Aavaram Poo also called Avarampoo in Tamil is a very popular shrub here in Tamil Nadu. 10 Cassia Oil Benefits 1. The antioxidant-rich concoction is very tasty and a perfect substitute for caffeinated beverages like tea and coffee. Soil:It thrives best in organically rich, dry moist but well-drained soil. Other than in diabetes, C. auriculata is widely used in traditional medicine for rheumatism, conjunctivitis, diarrhea, female infertility, leprosy and also for skin diseases [17]. Suitable pH: acid, neutral and basic (alkaline) soils and can grow in saline soils. We providing solutions for all gardening problems. The wound healing effects of coffee senna have been studied in mice with skin wounds induced using snake venom. Planting Man helps you to build beautiful & healthy gardens. Add to wishlist. By. You might have heard about senna flowers. Senna auriculata is a deciduous Tree growing to 5 m (16ft) by 4 m (13ft) at a fast rate. Avarampoo is very popularly used for skin care here in Tamil Nadu, from lightening scars and blemishes to treating wounds, it is extensively used. Treats Diarrhea. The most common application for senna tea is to stimulate bowel movements and alleviate constipation. Hence it can be known that Cassia auriculata as 'Avaram' for its potential diabetic value. Add to cart. You can identify the plant with the yellow flowers. It belongs to the family Fabaceae and Genus Senna. It reduces blood glucose level significantly. Water:Water regularly, during the growing season. Always keep the soil moist, but not soggy. Avarampoo shrub leaves are traditionally used for hair wash. We add the avarampoo leaf powder while making hair wash powder, it helps clean hair well. Avarampoo plant has amazing antioxidant properties and regularly consuming antioxidant rich ingredients is the key to good health. Traditional Uses: Coolant, helps control Diabetes, Improves liver function, blood purifier, laxative and a natural source of anti oxidants, Gives glow to the skin and removes body odor. Amla (Nelli) Cookies ₹ 199.00. Names in different languages: English- Indian Senna, Indian Senna, Alexandrian Senna, Senna alexandrina Hindi- Senai Kannada- Nelavarike Tamil- Nilavirai Telugu- Nelatagedu Malayalam- Nilavilakku Pari L, Latha M. Effect of Cassia auriculata flowers on blood sugar levels, serum and tissue lipids in streptozotocin diabetic rats. Name – Cassia Auriculata Scientific Name – Senna auriculata Other Name – Avaram, Avari Panchaga Choornam, Kalpa Herbal Tea, Ranawara, Senna auriculata, Tanner’s Cassia, Matura tea tree Kingdom – Plantae Family – Fabaceae. It has been used by thousands of Indian women over the years to treat uneven skin, prevent black spots and keep the skin free of blemishes. Avarampoo face pack is an amazing skin treatment. 100% Natural; Preservatives Free; Tea Board India; FSSAI 12416003000408; Benefits: This powder can be mixed with face wash powders and curd for external application. This powder can be mixed with face wash powders and curd for external application. There are flowers yellow, white and pink. Another important medicinal of avarampoo plant that really amazed was it’s anti cancer properties. It cannot grow in the shade. The yellow flowers of this plant are used for many types of health problems. Singapore Med J 2002;43:617-21. Avaram senna flower is a rich source of anti-oxidants also it contains terpenoids, saponins, tannins, flavonoids, cardiac glycosides, and steroids. Keep the seed moist in a pot of commercial growing medium. Suitable for: light (sandy), medium (loamy) and heavy (clay) soils. It works wonders when used as a face pack. The phytochemical variation and antimicrobial activity has been assessed among the Cassia auriculata leaves, flowers, and seeds. Avarampoo tea made by steeping the flowers is also widely consumed for it’s amazing health benefits. Amla (Nelli) Cookies features with healthy usages such as., Good for Hair Growth Avoid Body Heat. Henna hair dye and ayurvedic hair care for promoting stronger, longer, healthier hair. Before going to various benefits for health, skin and hair, let’s first understand what this beneficial plant. Avarampoo face scrub helps exfoliate the skin wonderfully and is so easy to make it at home. The dried flowers and buds have many therapeutic benefits. Tanner’s Cassia flower increases the glow of the skin and improves complexion when used on a regular basis. Most are simply for decoration or harvesting cinnamon bark, but cassia obovata and cassia auriculata are beneficial to more than just the eye and world of spices. Expert in Indoor plants, Outdoor plants, herbal gardens & fruit gardens. We can find avarampoo shrubs all over India and Srilanka. It also strengthens hair roots, gums and helps tighten muscles. The flower is the most used part of the tree for its saponin content and antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. The leaves and fruits serve as an anthelmintic and diuretic. Aavaram poo powder got by drying the flowers and leaves is widely used in skin care. For the scrub, take a tsp of rice flour in a bowl. Chest congestion, cough. Avarampoo powder also is easily available and can be got both though online shops or through local herb shops. Nambirajan G(1), Karunanidhi K(2), Ganesan A(2), Rajendran R(2), Kandasamy R(3), Elangovan A(1), Thilagar S(4). It also gives good body strength. It had been used by Indian women to enhance the glow of the skin, to keep the skin even and to remove the black spots in the skin. Good for Skin: Dried Avaram Senna flower is good for external application and helps treat many skin disorders. Now add enough curd to form a paste and use it as a face pack. Mol Cell Biochem 2003;243:23-8. facebook; twitter; Cathy Wong is a nutritionist and wellness expert. Natural herbs are an effective and inexpensive way to get a glowing skin and keep skin problems at bay. Word plumbago is derived from Latin word plumbum it means an effective cure for lead poisoning. The flower, leaves, stem, root, and unripe fruit are used for treatment, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. Here in our place, it is a common practice to collect the fresh avarampoo leaves, grind to paste and use it for hair wash just like hibiscus leaves. When nature brings you the divine food for cure. This powder can be mixed with face wash powders and curd for external application. Drinking Ranawara every day will brighten the skin. It deters scalp issues such as dandruff, detoxifies the follicles, makes hair stronger, and leaves the hair feeling silky. Senna leaves tea comes first in herbal tea names. Many have said they’ve experienced less shedding and less breakage after using cassia. Blood purifier. The Avaram flowers are dried and ground into a very fine powder. Conclusion. 3. Cassia Auriculata Health Benefits. Avarampoo leaf extract has been proven to aid weight loss as it has anti obesity properties. Bengal gram dal and urad dal are amazing cleansers, vetiver is a natural coolant and prevents boils on the skin, avarampoo and kasthuri manjal prevents infections in the skin. Apart from the beauty the flowers provide a number of health benefits. It prefers dry moist or wet soil and can tolerate drought. What is Cassia Auriculata? Now add enough rice water and mix to form a smooth paste and use it as a face scrub. The flower, leaves, stem, root, and unripe fruit are used for treatment, especially in Ayurvedic medicine. Now while still crisp from sun drying, powder in a dry mixer, sieve and store. It can tolerate many soil types, including saline. It reduces blood glucose level significantly. Avarampoo, cassia auriculata or senna auriculata or tanners cassia is a legume tree which yields bright yellow flowers. The flowers are pollinated by Bees. Fertilizer:Fertilize your plant once every two to three weeks, during the growing season with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half. It has a smooth cinnamon brown bark and closely pubescent branchlets. Mice were treated with the extract incorporated into a topical cream base for 7 or 14 days. Jul 19, 2018 - Explore Ayurmaha's board "Health Benifits of Senna (Senna Auriculata)" on Pinterest. A decoction of the flowers and the seeds is recommended for diabetes. How to grow and maintain Avaram (Senna auriculata), Red Crassula (Crassula coccinea) – Succulent plants. Hence it can be known that Cassia auriculata as 'Avaram' for its potential diabetic value. 10 Awesome Benefits of Avarampoo. Quick View. The powder also applied to skin. The incredible properties of Alma avaramapoo powder take care of your skin & excrete harmful toxins & fat from your body. When taken on an empty stomach it is very beneficial for diabetics. Avarampoo flowers have been traditionally used for reducing high blood sugar levels in diabetic patients and I am happy to say that this traditional use has been backed by research. Cassia obovata, or, as some call it, “neutral henna,” is a plant that can help your hair in a multitude of ways. Note: Avoid using Cassia as herbal medicine during pregnancy, breast feeding and at least 2 weeks before a planned surgery. Latha M, Pari L. Preventive effects of Cassia auriculata L. flowers on brain lipid peroxidation in rats treated with streptozotocin. But if you have access to fresh avarampoo, you can make your own avarampoo powder at home. Cassia Obovata, harvested for use in hair, is grown in Egypt and Nubia. : BSD Organics HerbY dried Avaram Poo/ Avarm senna/ Senna Auriculata / Tanner's cassia / Tamgedu for tea, skin care and more - 200 Grams, 0.44 Pounds, 7 Ounce : Grocery & Gourmet Food

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