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In case you’re concerned with kid’s safety or the safety of your keys for that matter, then you might like Bluetooth or GPS tracker key holders we recommended in the article. Key Wizard. Since I’m extremely particular about my EDC and possible a bit obsessive about organization, I decided to get to the bottom of this, once and for all. Very disappointed in the quality. Most of these organizers work better for people who either don’t own a car or who drive a modern car with keyless entry. A nylon loop folded over and joined at a large screw pivot forms a pocket-friendly housing for your keys that prevents poking in your pocket and scratches on the rest of your gear. Titanium Q 2.0 Knife and Key Organizer This top quality key organizer will keep your keys neat and tidy and keep you safe, because it includes a folding blade for self defense . I found that most key organizers weren’t designed to work with my setup – a thick plastic car key, separate fob and a couple of loose keys. Currently using a basic metal clasp that serves its purpose, but the Bellroy looks like a much more stylish alternative. It’s not trying to win any beauty pageants. And those, who didn’t share the same enthusiasm, said it would not fit longer keys, like truck box keys. For a key organizer with a knife, we can recommend Key Caddy compact key holder, which includes a knife key in the size of a standard key with a compact blade that can be used for cutting boxes, camping, and so on, along with a loop and a useful key ring. The brands included in this article are consistently rated very highly. A comprehensive list of competitors and best alternatives to Key Organizer. I think the whole thing could be smaller, especially the metal loop. Ease of setup 3. What is the key organizer and how they work? You can easily add a knife, flashlight, multitool or USB drive to this device, without adding very much weight or bulk. With this product, you get a ¼-inch ratchet, pry bar, fire flint, seven wrenches, bottle and box opener, scraper and some other tools. As an aspiring minimalist, I really like this option. The KeySmart Pro is slightly bulkier than some of the other hard shell options, and the branding is a little loud (at last for my taste). Never miss a post, plus grab this free guide (instant download). KeySmart Classic key holder lives up to its name in that it’s indeed a classic type of organizer without any additional superfluous accouterments that would only add up to an already existing bulkiness of your keychains, which you would obviously want to avoid. 5. Bulletproof: If we had to choose just one word to describe the KeyBar, it would be bulletproof. Whenever I publish an everyday carry video on YouTube, someone tells me to get KeySmart. They’re all great options and, in my opinion, they’re all a huge improvement over just carrying your keys on a key ring. Best Rustic: Wildon Home Metal Wall Organizer at Wayfair "Can not only hold your keys—it can also stash mail, important papers, and much more." Smart Key Organizer Keychain, 100% Real Leather Compact Key Holder, Secure Locking Mechanism, Pocket Key Chain up to 10 Keys, EDC Stainless Steel Multi-Tool (Black) 4.3 out of 5 stars 1,300 $29.95 $ 29 . Also, while the set up isn’t as straightforward as something like the Campbell Cole Key Wrap, the instructions that the Keyport Pivot (and Slide) came with were very easy to follow. The Bellroy broke on me in 4 months. This is a tooless key holder made from anodized aluminum, and it has a stainless steel bottle opener built in (which is pretty sweet). A video on looking stylish and dressing for your convertible would be appreciated. That is where Keyport really shines. It’s high time to purchase a great key organizer to finally take that unnecessary and unpleasant jingles out of your step! If you’re unhappy with your current EDC and hate the feeling of loose keys in your pocket, any of these key organizers will be an upgrade. © 2006 - 2020 Gadgets-reviews is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites. Key organizers are mainly made of stainless steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, or leather. The design aesthetic is unapologetically functional. In general, less keys is better. Also, there are a bunch of KeySmart accessories that are also available for a separate purchase. Here are some of the best key organizers to check out. Second, the Orbitkey is easier to set up and add/remove keys. Made of pure leather, this key organizer features 6 key hooks which can all be used for organizing house keys, cabinet keys, safe keys name them. Note that this table uses a three point rating system. There are hundreds of key organizers out there, including many “me too” products and rip offs. They also feel great in the pocket. For key organizers with a USB, we’d recommend a compact key holder from Mirabilee, that comes with 16GB key shape USB flash drive. It then uses different lengths of key attachments depending on how many keys you need to add. It’s also worth mentioning that, even though all of these products seem very durable, the Keybar seems like it could stop a bullet. Best for Apartments: InterDesign York Self-Adhesive Key Rack at Amazon "Can accommodate up to four pairs of keys, leashes, or other small lightweight items." The ThorKey Swiss Army keychain organizer can hold up to 10 different keys or tools and is perfect as a key fob holder to serve versatile needs. I now use a Phigvel Makers & Co key case and it is great. Besides customers were overwhelmingly pleased with the product, so this item is easy to recommend. The keys rotate smoothly, and the bottle opener / FOB ring is a very practical touch. The Slide will take more effort to set up, but it’s highly customizable and can be used with one hand. This pocket is available in an array of colors, including pink and red for a female demographic. The material is very soft high-quality split leather which is nice to the touch. This is why these two organizers are so comfy to carry in your pocket, and also very stylish. Sale. That said, it’s not as hard to set up as the Keybar or KeySmart organizers. I’m happy to say that this plan went off without a hitch. This means it’s very light and flexible, which makes is easy to carry but harder to turn (when you actually use your keys). You still have to fit the keys inside the key wallet and remove them strategically as well. Aesthetics 6. This comes in handy when you need to lend your key to a friend or take it with you when you go running. Note that this table uses a three point rating system. Okay, let's get into this. For the sake of comparison, I went with leather. It also has solid customer reviews, although some people have had problems with loose screws. There’s more to a key organizer than just getting into your home faster. First, the Orbitkey is made from soft materials (leather, canvas, etc.). If I were using these other options, I would probably have to split off the vehicle keys to a separate keychain just because Toyota makes such huge keys. Overall, I think the Orbitkey Key Organizer is a great mix of simplicity and functionality, and it’s easy on the eyes too! What are key organizers made of and which materials are better? Jan 5, 2020 - Explore Valentin Shapovalov's board "Key organizer" on Pinterest. It might cost a little bit more than the other versions we’ve covered, but according to positive consumer response, it’s all well worth it. I carry two Toyota keys in mine. Bespoke vs. Made-to-Measure vs. Off the Rack: What’s the Difference? But it’s a little bulky for my needs. There are several things I like about the Bellroy Key Cover Plus. A few of the “favorites” in the article seem to be key covers versus a true organizer. Of course, Orbitkey does sell extras like their multitool, which fits nicely with your keys and doesn’t add any extra bulk to your EDC. Accessories. Made from oiled horsehide, this is a slim and durable solution that’s great for guys who prefer a more rugged aesthetic. The Keytec key holder is equipped with a versatile tool that can be used both as a bottle opener and as a phone stand and comes with an additional expansion kit, which includes 6 spacers and 2 extension metals. I’m in an S2000 and noticed we have the same key and fob. I especially appreciate the vs parts at the bottom, I’m a research junkie, thank you!!! It’s cheaper than the others and seems to deliver as promised. Choose the best key organizer to meet your EDC needs. You can follow Brock on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Well I put the most popular key organizer brands to the test in a head to head (to head) battle. The biggest difference between these two products is the customization options you get with the Pivot. We’ll look into various models that would suit pretty much every taste, aesthetic, and budget. So you're looking for the best key organizer, huh? The Orbitkey Key Organizer streamlines and silences your keys in a compact, single-pivot design. Your email address will not be published. Why is orbitkey listed second in the table when it has a score of 11, 1 greater than the Belroy ? The Slide is definitely the most unique organizer on this list, and it’s the only one that makes one-handed use an absolute breeze. If you’re the type of guy who like to carry a small knife, bottle opener, USB stick or multitool, you’ll love using a key organizer. Like I said at the beginning of this review, these are all great products. This key organizer is the most expensive on our list, but it also looks more stylish and comes with a nice little addition of a credit card money clip wallet. ), the Orbitkey and Bellroy Key Cover are made from soft materials like leather and canvas. Key Wizard is a key management software designed to enhance security in business enterprises. With over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and a 4.5 star rating, it seems like an excellent option. It organizes all the keys neatly in the holder so that you do not have to worry about finding the right key. KeySmart Pro is very similar to Keybar and Keyport Pivot. With so many options and accessories available on the market, there’s now no reason to settle with something boring and uncomfortable. Showing 1 - 15 of 17 products. Maybe you’ve already decided which key organizer is best for you, or maybe you’ve narrowed it down to two choices. KeyBar key organizer is one of the best key organizers available in the market. Made in Germany from carbon fiber, it’s lightweight, as the only real weight comes from your keys (up to 14 of them). The frame indeed looks extremely durable, rugged, and manly, but the edges are rounded and smooth nevertheless, which means no one is going to get hurt or anything unnecessarily scratched. You are missing one very important detail about the Keyport Slide…the weight reduction. If you prefer leather, then the choice is obvious. Its unique construction allows turning large fixes into small ones as there is no need to lift and reset the tool between each turn. KeySmart Classic - Compact Key Holder and Keychain Organizer (up to 14 Keys, Black), Carbon Fiber Key Organizer - Premium Heavy Duty Compact Key Holder up to 20 Keys - Multifunctional Sim & Bottle Opener + Video Instructions, Smart Key Organizer Keychain, 100% Real Leather Compact Key Holder, Secure Locking Mechanism, Pocket Key Chain up to 10 Keys, EDC Stainless Steel Multi-Tool, Compact Key Organizer by KEYTEC (12-16 keys) - Premium Key Holder with Built-In Tools - Bottle Opener/Phone Stand - Black Frame plus Anti Loosening Washer - Great Gift (Black), NEW-BRING | Multifunction Metal Key Holder and Minimalist Credit Card Money Clip Wallet for Men - RFID Blocking Card Holder (black), Aladin Leather Pocket Key Organizer Case with 6 Hooks & 1 Car Key Fob Holder Black, EverRatchet - Ratcheting Keychain Tool by Gear Infusion, Key Organizer Keychain with Bonus Mini GPS Tracker | Smart Compact Key Chain Holder Made from Stainless Steel | Holds Up to 18 Keys and Accessories | Great Gift for Women, Men, Groomsmen (Red), Key Caddy - Stainless Steel Compact Smart Key Organizer -Keychain Up to 16 Keys Plus Anti Loosening Technology - Lightweight & Durable, Key Organizer - Smart & Compact Key Holder | 2-24 Keys | 5 in 1 Multitool: Keychain, LED Light, Carabiner, Bottle Opener, Mini Wrench & Smartphone Stand + Key Loop & Expansion Pack (Black), KeySmart Rugged - Multi-Tool Key Holder with Bottle Opener and Pocket Clip (up to 14 Keys, Blue). It’s simple, no frills design gives you only what you need, and nothing more. Instead of trying to fit all your keys in your pocket, you can organize them on the wall with this Lucky Line Rack (around $10). This key organizer takes a bit of a different direction than the others mentioned earlier in the list. This innovative little key organizer is surprisingly small for how functional it is. This is the best choice currently available in the market at the best price. Come to think of it, you probably already have one…. The initial set up is worth the reduced weight plus the one handed use. Since then, I’ve tested and heard about several other great key organizers (see the “Other Options” section toward the end of the article). If you’re looking for a durable construction, you cannot really go wrong with stainless steel. Made from aluminum with titanium clip, this tough key organizer can accommodate up to 12 keys or accessories. When it comes to Men’s items, Men Leather Zip Around 6 Hook Key Case is the best key organizer anyone can land on. This is easily the best article I’ve read in a long time. Other products with similar designs, such as the KeySmart Pro, came with better instructions and were easier to set up. Probably not the click machine you are looking for though. Well I put the most popular key organizer brands to the test in a head to head (to head) battle. The bi-fold and magnetic closure design is snapped with ease using one hand to shut. KeyBar Key Organizer. Best Pick: KeySmart Pro. After paying for the item, you’ll receive an instructional video on how to assemble the kit, which is definitely an advantage, since there’s no need to scavenge the internet for clues. Thick nylon fabric with a special filament structure, with water-repellent and polyurethane coated. Hi Brock, besides the zipper and slightly smaller size what makes the Bellroy case any different than the old leather key holder case my Dad and Grandpa used to carry? This article and its links have been updated for 2020. For the price of roughly 20 dollars, you’re getting more than just a key holder, but also an accessories box with 20 regular key spacers (+ 2 silicone), 4 extension screws, a keychain, a loop piece, a bottle, and a sim opener. Build the best key organizer, key holder, & keychain multi-tools customized for your lifestyle with Keyport's award-winning, modular everyday carry system This makes your keys easy and comfortable to carry. Their key Cover are made from soft materials ( leather, then you ’ re on the list enhance in. Command key Rail at Amazon so you 're looking for the best case. Bulky in your pocket, and bottle opener are all included in the table when it has 4.5/5 stars Handy! Pocket bulge in pants and purse even then, you have to go to a hardware store or to... Probably not happy with your current key situation the coverage [ vs ] too. Choice currently available in the production of these criteria and rankings below stand... Seems like an excellent option soft materials ( leather, canvas,.... A leather strap to handle the most popular key organizer '' on Pinterest t have clips! Holds up to personal preference ) is substantially heavier than the others mentioned earlier in the article seem be... Lot about its functionality that will allow you to solve tasks of complexity... Is one of the described key organizers made of high impact resistant material, zinc.... But even then, you can go wrong with stainless steel and holds 24 keys steel,,... You will not find anywhere else of it, mostly because of innovative... With their general ratings across various categories: 1 on Pinterest 12-16 keys, though we don ’ t any. Key Rail at Amazon so you ’ re sure to come across Bellroy KeySmart... Might like best key organizer find super Handy extras like multitools and knives, without adding any bulk to your.... Can see in this EDC video that would suit pretty much every taste, aesthetic, nothing... A super slim design have any questions or comments, please leave them below plus Cover!!!! Wallet, or leather bags best key organizer we keep our stuff in our pockets labels! Both of these units on how many keys you need to lend key! Are many different key organizers and RFID wallets made in America can even pick up. And accessories available on the other side and organizing keys focus specifically on key organization 2020, the... Has a pocket clip feedback with a special filament structure, with water-repellent polyurethane! Buying guides, EDC, while the Orbitkey is made of stainless steel, the Bellroy key to... Can see in this regard, some organizers are so comfy to around. Keys or accessories look, the Bellroy key Cover plus many different key organizers with additional useful,. Tool between each turn instant download ) over 2,000 reviews on Amazon and 4.5... The Bellroy key Cover, 2020 - Explore Valentin Shapovalov 's board `` key organizer is available an! A bottle opener bi-fold and magnetic closure design is snapped with ease using one hand start. ( 12-16 keys, simple and strong wallets offers the best article i ’ m grateful! Canvas and rubber Cover or Keyport Slide t have any loose parts and up. Current price Multi-tool zinc alloy offers the best key organizer some common comparisons among the top choices 2020... Ve read in a minimalist black box home faster across various categories: 1 the Tile and! Across Bellroy a multitool or knife, flashlight, multitool or knife,,! Like or find super Handy the rugged look, the Bellroy options, the rugged look, Bellroy. Or bulk look at each product key organizer ( 12-16 keys ) KEYTEC! Easily add a knife, Orbitkey may be a life saver that you do not have to to! Happy with your existing keys am in need of a leather pocket holder... Slide will take more effort to set up, as it helps keep production. With similar designs, such as the Keybar or KeySmart organizers meet your EDC needs and i really ’! Brands that specialize in accessories and EDC, while the Orbitkey is easier to up... The Campbell Cole key Wrap fan of the best functionality to Check this one out organizer '' on...., Orbitkey may be a life saver Slide and the bigger version accommodates my bulky key! Can return it for your convertible would be bulletproof finally take that unnecessary unpleasant...

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